Wyzr Fintech Limited


How does it work?

Securely connect your bank account

Wyzr gets read only access to your data. It cannot make any changes to your account.

Wyzr runs AI algorithms on your past bank transactions

Organises your money
• Automatically creates a budget for you based on your past spending and predicts upcoming expenses.
• Auto detects your upcoming big expenses and creates savings goals for those.
• Creates digital "Savings Envelope" for each savings goal.
• Automatically allocates your savings to the digital "Savings Envelopes" every time money is put aside for saving.
Grows your savings
• Automatically calculates the maximum you can save from your income. Puts aside that money in savings.
• Guides you through a spending plan to achieve that maximum saving.
Makes investing your savings easy
• Automatically puts aside a part of your savings towards investments in an Investment "Savings Envelope" every time you save.
• Gives you access to the most popular and eco-friendly investment products that you can invest in from your savings in the Investment "Savings Envelope".
Makes your spending eco-friendly
• Automatically calculates the carbon footprint from your everyday spending.
• Gives you easy access to options to offset and reduce the carbon footprint from your spending.