Wyzr Fintech Limited


Putting small business owners in control of their finances.

Get actionable cash flow insights instantly with AI assistant.

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“That is a big leap forward from most other money management apps on the market …”

“… Wyzr to enable automated financial planning, a first for the UK market”

“… making it easy for consumers to analyse past and current spending and save for the future.”

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NatWest Bank Accelerator

Get actionable insights within seconds

No more guessing, digging through spreadsheets or looking into multiple systems for business critical insights. Just type and ask.

Cashflow forecast for more certainty

Real-time cash flow forecasting without the hassle of spreadsheets to know what lies ahead and be better prepared.

See all your bank accounts in one place

Single real-time view of cash balances across multiple accounts to easily know your exact cash position.

Consolidate all your data from multiple platforms in one place.

Save time and effort by seeing all your data spread across different systems in one place to get a 360 degree view of your finances.