Wyzr Fintech Limited


What is Wyzr?

Wyzr (pronounced as ‘wiser’) is a SaaS platform designed for owner-managed small businesses. We provide an intuitive and easy solution for business owners, who are time-poor and under-resourced, to manage their cash flows better and make smarter financial decisions. 


Wyzr is offering UK’s first AI CFO for small business owners to revolutionise the way small businesses manage their finances.

How is Wyzr different from other financial management solutions?

Wyzr started its journey as a personal finance management platform trying to simplify money management and doing most of the legwork for consumers. Wyzr is bringing the same approach to owner-managed small businesses.

This means unlike other solutions in the market, Wyzr automates the manual data consolidation tasks and provides real-time insights, suggestions and data-driven response in a conversational and visual way.

Wyzr hides away the complexity of data management and focuses on solving your cash flow management and financial decision making problems. 

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to make it easy for customers to make wise financial decisions for their long term sustainability. To make that happen we leverage technology to provide the best possible insights and experience to empower our customers.