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Wyzr helps you feel more confident about your finances by guiding you to make smart money choices for your goals, with less effort.

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"That is a big leap forward from most other money management apps on the market ..."
"... Wyzr to enable automated financial planning, a first for the UK market"
"... making it easy for consumers to analyse past and current spending and save for the future."

Make wiser choices for your money. Find out how.

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Plan and reach your financial goals easily

To help you get started, Wyzr sets up budget and savings goals for you based on your data. Then, it helps you adjust your spending and saving habits regularly to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Save more every month

Saving more is challenging. Wyzr makes that easy by identifying when and how much you can save from your income and then guides you to put that money aside for your goals before you spend.

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Wyzr carbon footprint sustainable spending

Make your everyday spending eco-friendly

Wyzr makes it simple to track the carbon footprint from your everyday spending and helps you understand the impact of your spending on the climate.

White-labelled solutions

AI, API and Cloud-based personal finance solutions for consumer businesses.

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