Wyzr Fintech Limited

Boost your customer lifetime value and engagement.

Dashboards, APIs, and “low-code” plugins to get a better view of your customer’s financial life.

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"That is a big leap forward from most other tools on the market ..."
"... Wyzr to enable automated financial planning, a first for the UK market"
"... making it easy for consumers to analyse past and current spending and save for the future."

Improve your customer engagement and retention

Empower your customers with robust cash flow, liquidity, and financial goal management capability to improve their financial health.

Boost revenue with targeted cross-selling

Introduce the right products to your customers at the right time by understanding their financial situation and goals.

Empower your customer and win their loyalty with

Saving goals optimisation tools

Micro financial planning

Automated budgeting

Carbon tracker

Spending and saving forecasting

Early warning for customers to avoid negative outcome